DEAP is a racially and culturally diverse student success and retention program.

DEAP provides a supportive community, programs, and initiatives to aid students’ transition to college and foster the success of students from traditionally underrepresented groups from the first year to graduation.


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DiversityAn enhanced transition for populations that have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education

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EnrichmentAddresses academic, social, and personal matters that have an impact on persistence

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AchievementConnecting, affirming, guiding, and engaging students to ensure success at IU Indianapolis

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What is DEAP?

Current students and alumni tell about their DEAP experience and how it empowered their journey through college.

AUDIENCE: Yeah it was get me.

DARIUS ADAMS: Coming in the DEAP and actually having people around me who came from all over the state and all over the country, who were like you're fine just the way you are, we accept you just the way you act with literally be yourself was really impactful for me.

INGRID ORTEGA: I learned to be OK with the fact that people are different and I'm not like-- I'm not-- always so excited on spot but I can be and I'm-- I can be a fun person to talk to you and I can help you and I can be there for you, but it just takes a little bit more time for me and I've learned that it's OK to be like that.

KALIN "KJ" NICHOLS: I found a lot of people that were dreaming of being the same things I wanted to be, people who are actually trying to push me, and people who are actually feel comfortable being myself around.

SPEAKER 1: Coming to college can be tough for any student, and so for the DEAP program our purpose is to service and to provide resources for underrepresented students of color and we do that in a number of different ways. Everything from providing peer mentoring to providing faculty staff mentoring individuals who are completely devoted to their success and will also share similar backgrounds.

JADE NEVILS: So I can be myself without feeling judged or without feeling like I need to put on a different persona.

DESTINY GREEN: DEAP has changed me a lot and has been for the next step and they're always looking towards the future and trying to get me to network, trying to get me to be on that professional level by having-- by open opportunities up to me.

KALIN "KJ" NICHOLS: Being at DEAP, I found people that supported me, believed in me.

WILLIAM HORTON: We are a very strong brotherhood and because of our brotherhood, it really did help me grow and impacted me.

JADE NEVILS: DEAP has definitely helped me just become a better person overall with students mentees, making friends it's been a lot better for me. So I really appreciate DEAP for that.

A family away from home

Going to college was a must for me, but being away from my family, I knew would be hard. After narrowing all of my college acceptance letters down to IU Indianapolis, I do not regret it at all. I got involved in DEAP, and it was a family away from home and that’s what I love most. I have all the help and resources that I need and because of DEAP I’m still here and achieving.

Vonna Murdock | Alumna

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